Expert Tips for Stunning Outdoor Wedding Photoshoots

Outdoor weddings can be challenging, especially with uneven lighting, shadow, too much brightness, and weather. However, if you play your cards well, outdoor weddings can be the perfect chance to get those beautiful shots. To help you prepare for your wedding shoot, here are a few tips for outdoor wedding photoshoots.

Knowing the Best Time of the Day

In your early meetings, you should give the couple a suggestion about doing the ceremony when there is perfect lighting. While it is not your job to be a wedding planner, you can still help them by telling them the best time of the day when outdoor photoshoots will work best. Inform them that the worst time to be outside is noon and that ideally, it would be better to have their photoshoot later in the afternoon. This time will give you enough natural lighting right before the sunsets. Although they will be the ones to pick the location, they might not have any idea why shooting at noon is terrible.

Preparing for the Weather Conditions

Being a photographer, you must be prepared to shoot whatever the weather may be. You can always pack extra layers that will keep you warm. Another tip is preparing the kind of shoes that will be appropriate for rough terrains. If the weather is a little bit warmer, you should also pack sunscreen or bug spray in your bag.

If you are going to prepare for the rain, make sure that you packed a camera, rain cover, and a poncho. These are small foldable items that will not take up much space in your bag. Investing in umbrellas can also be beneficial as they could still help you complete the photoshoot without much fuss. Remember to prepare extra batteries during winter because they tend to drain faster during this time.

Compensating for the Bad Lighting

Before starting the shoot, check first where the light comes from. It will help you in finding the best spots to shoot. Another advantage of an outdoor shoot is that you can move freely. You can use this to your advantage by finding the best moments and capturing the best lighting. If there are places with a lot of shade, be prepared to adjust your camera’s exposure settings. 

You must also figure out when is the best time to use the flash. Using it will not be necessary if the locations are shady, or if it is done during a cloudy day or in the golden hour. However, during mid-day shoots, using the flash can create an even-lighted image as it works with backlighting. You must understand how you can use a flash to blend with the natural light.

Minimizing the Distractions

The outdoors is filled with open space, so before the shoot, you must check what will be in the background. Finding the right angles will save you a lot from photoshopping later. You can use compositional tools by adjusting the angles or swapping your lenses. You must make the couple the subject of your photoshoot. Finding the angels and minimizing distractions may save you a lot of post-processing efforts in the future.

Shooting in Shady or Backlit Areas

If your clients are wearing formal clothes at their wedding photoshoot, you are lucky because these are way more flexible to pull. All you have to do is to prioritize the light. You have to look for an area that is shady enough, but not too dark. If you are shooting late in the afternoon, you should find a spot that is backlit by the sun. The couple’s portraits will look good if they have the best lighting. This will work on the day of the wedding as well, with the family photos and shots of the bridal party. 

Knowing the Photoshoot Concept

One thing that you will have to talk to your client about is their peg for the photoshoot. This will affect not only the location of your photoshoot but how you will capture the couple in your photos as well. You can play around with their outfits so that you can have a more concept-based photoshoot. Some of the best concepts include traditional, glamorous, casual, indigenous, and thematic. All of these can be shot outside. 

Showcasing the Atmosphere

Outdoor photoshoots give the most beautiful backdrops, so you must make sure that you can capture them in your shots. To capture the entire location, you can use a wide-angle lens mixed with close-ups of the details. This will help you tell the couple’s story.

To have a successful outdoor wedding photoshoots, you must be well-prepared to take on the different challenges that come with it. Prepare yourself, as well as your clients, so that you can capture memorable moments. We at Wed Knob provide the complete details of wedding photographers near you.

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