Explore Best Wedding Photography Trends for Unforgettable Moments

The wedding is one of the most important days of every couple’s life. To cherish the memories, every couple wants to get the best pictures clicked so they can see the pictures together and relive the best memories of their favorite day. Nowadays, wedding photography has enhanced a lot. Also, several notable trends have been added to wedding photography. If you are also thinking about the same, you should check out this article now. Here in this article, we have provided you with details regarding the best photography trends available that you can adopt. So let’s get started:

Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Every bride wants to enjoy her special day and make it more special or fun; they also book a pre-wedding photoshoot before the big day. And you know what the amazing part of this pre-wedding photoshoot is?

To enjoy the most, the brides also purchase a wedding gown for that particular shoot. This trend was in China and South Asian marriages, but now Western people are also adopting this trend so rapidly. Interestingly, people spend around 25% of their wedding budget on pre-wedding shoots. The pre-wedding photo shoots feature hairstyle dresses and makeup, and also the couple used to fly to other destinations to make it more amazing and high-end.

Destination Elopements

According to the statistics and the details available, more and more couples are interested and inquiring about destination allotments. Over the last five years, the Unique Destination Weddings trends have greatly increased. Majorly people residing and other countries are interested in such a trend.

Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

To make the wedding photography album more amazing, couples usually want their photographers to click the pictures of their guests without letting them know. They want to capture the guests’ reactions and not the latest phones covering their faces. Even nowadays, couples also request their guests not to use their cameras during wedding ceremonies so that the right pictures can be taken.

Drone Wedding Photography

To capture the wedding venue and all the amazing moments, drone photography and videography are one of the amazing options that people are adopting nowadays. With the help of drone photography, the pictures can easily be taken from all the angles that the couple is dancing or kissing each other or any other moment. Especially with destination wedding ideas, Drone photography plays an interesting role.

Same day Editing

Several couples usually ask the photographers to offer a slideshow of the images on the same day. Do you know the reason behind that? Well, couples do not want to miss any moment, so they want a same-day slideshow. And also so, they request the photographers to run the slideshow on the receptions if it is going to happen.


A teaser is one of the major trends that are going on among couples. The couple asks the photographers to give them around 10 to 20 wedding pictures so that they can share them on their social media accounts.

Smoke Bombs

To make the wedding party and the engagement or the wedding album more unique and colorful, the smoke bomb photographs have played a special role. Even couples also want amazing and attractive features in their photographs. Additionally, the smoke bombs also help in taking candid photographs that the couples love the most.

First Look

The first look is one of the noteworthy trends and a great opportunity for wedding photographers to capture candid pictures of both the groom and the bride. These pictures usually get captured before the wedding ceremony. The couples eventually loved the shots taken by the photographers in that period. Another major first-look trend is tfather’sr’s look when he first looks at his daughter after being a bride.

So, finally, these are some of the latest wedding photography trends that one can adopt to make your album more amazing. Any couple can easily adopt these trending photo shoots on their wedding day.

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