Elevate Your Day: Opt for a Grand Wedding Ceremony, Not the Boring Way

You will never like to see yawning faces on the most special day of your life, your wedding. So, what can you do to keep your wedding guests from checking their watches repeatedly instead of enjoying your most exclusive moments on the most exclusive day?

Consider these fantastic ideas to turn your wedding into a grand wedding and make your day a more memorable and cherishing experience. Because not just your true love but all your honored guests deserve to be fully engaged and valued.

Look For A Unique Location/Venue

Think a little out of the box and embrace going beyond traditional wedding limitations (either for the reception or complete wedding location). Here are some of the most beautiful destinations conceptualized to draw in your gathering in the soulful experience. Have a look!

  • Los Angeles
  • Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley
  • San Francisco
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver Island
  • Greater Toronto
  • Seattle
  • Okanagan and
  • Red Deer

Art galleries, parks, playgrounds, mid-mountain ski lodges, small amusement parks, group campgrounds, and summer camps are a few more suggestions if you are not interested in changing your location because of some personal reasons. These are the locations/directions that have the potential to fill extraordinary excitement and additional amenities, and younghipandmarried.com is an expert in this.

Pre-Ceremony Introductions

You may have the choice to have or not to have a cocktail hour preceding your best wedding ceremony, but don’t think much before inviting the whole list of guests to a post-rehearsal (dinner) gathering at some favorite location. Activities that are accessible and engaging yet adventurous for all (including kids) will prove rewarding. Trust us; you will pat our back after getting its results.

Try to convince everyone to show up in some themed costume, arrange some sports activity of familiar or at least of majority liking. Offer everyone coffee and doughnuts to warm them up when you are mingling with everyone. You can take the help of some of your organized friends who have prior experience hosting a wedding, or the best of all is to book some professional wedding planners.

Useful Wedding Favours For Your Guests

Choose wedding favors smartly, which is helpful for the guests. There are countless wedding ideas, such as scarves, flowers, sparkle dust paper bits, Jordan almonds, or economical sunglasses. Often, these favors get forgotten and become a waste of time. So, arrange these items in a ‘visible to all’ place.

We believe you will spend assets on wedding favors, and you should give them as a thank-gift, rehearsal dinner, or souvenirs for the wedding party. You need to provide it with thought so that your relatives and friends may use it, and also, these favors should remind them about the magnificent event when they got it.

Click Some Funny Yet Memorable Photographs

How will you all recall the best moments after your wedding ceremonies are over and all will be left for their homes? The first and most probable answer to this question can be “photographs.”

Indeed, you and all of your respected guests will have cell phones and will click photos to share instantly. Yet, professional wedding photographers possess exceptional skills and training to capture your natural beauty from every angle. They put extraordinary qualities and colors to make your special moments more memorable. So, don’t forget to arrange one.

Surprise Your Guests At The Reception

Not all humans possess dancing skills, nor can you expect them to be perfect in everything they know. But, you can surprise them by arranging some quick and easy dancing lessons, say salsa or swing at your reception. Every soul on earth celebrates an occasion like a wedding by eating, singing, or dancing, so be creative and don’t ignore the surprise element to increase the spark.

We are a specialist in creating grand wedding ceremonies for our gorgeous couples. We work on creative ideas to give the best experience to our clients by involving them (If they are interested) and always have a flexible vision for your dream wedding ceremonies. Prepare for a personalized and exceptional experience according to your taste, need, and budget.

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