Things to Consider While Choosing the Wedding Photographer

According to the statistics available, the cost of the wedding photographer is around 6% of the total budget of the wedding. These statistics shocked everyone. The average cost of wedding photography in New York is 3133$. Yes, this is the average cost of the wedding album. If the event will happen at the weekend, then it is expected to pay a minimum day rate for around 8 hours of coverage. And in case the guest list includes more than 200 people, you will need a second photographer as well.

If your budget is quite tight and you want to get the best deal, then and there, you should cut your headcount or can plan your wedding except for the week and days. Yes, you can plan a wedding on Wednesday or Thursday when the photographers are available at negotiable rates. If you ask a wedding planner, you will also get a similar suggestion regarding hiring a photographer. It is important to think of quality v/s quantity when you are willing to get a specific person to capture all the moments of your special day.

Time plays an important role

During the peak months, especially June, September, and October, there is very little flexibility in the pricing strategies of the photographers. Additionally, on the weekends, the price becomes higher. If you are willing to hire a photographer for the rehearsal dinner’s engagement session, it also costs around $1,000 to 3000 dollars. Apart from this, you must pay the out-of-town event rates, travel expenses and the added day rate fees.

The standard package includes around 600 watermark-free photos in high-resolution format for a USB drive. The common delivery time of such photographs is around 6 weeks to 10 weeks. The major reason for taking such a long time is that more than 5000 digital photographs get clicked, downloaded, black taped, and reviewed at your wedding.

This whole process takes a lot of time. Those who want to opt for a film also get an online gallery of images and print proofs. Search wedding albums cost extra money. Although it is the easiest manner, it is an expensive manner, as well. It all depends on which type of photography you want to have on your wedding day.

Other Things to look for in Wedding Photographer

Along with the wedding photography trends, there are several other things that you should look for in the wedding photographer.

  • It is important for you to check the photographer’s previous work, like the wedding photography styles. By reviewing the previous work, you can check on the skills and quality he provides.
  • Additionally, it would be best to get some reviews regarding the photographer from other people he had already worked with. Based on the reviews, you can easily judge his work and commitments.
  • Every wedding photographer has his requirements and demands according to the wedding. If you are going to get married on the weekend and you are willing to get the specific person to get your pictures clicked, following some of the instructions he gave becomes essential.
  • Additionally, the photographer’s requirements must be fulfilled so that he can work on your wedding day by 100%. If you want to have some negotiations in the payment, then you should complete the whole procedure before hiring the photographer.
  • After completing the task or the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, do not think about getting more negotiations in the amount. Such proceedings must be completed in advance.
  • Every wedding photographer offers different photography packages that also include the details regarding the timelines for how many hours he will be available for the photography session and the price he will charge. It is important to go through the package properly to take the right decisions easily.
  • Along with this, the mannerism and professionalism of the photographer must also be checked to ensure that he will complete the photography task with perfection and provide you with the best you are already willing for. 

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer who can give you the best, you must consider the details above.