Wedding Photographer Dress – What to Wear and What not to Wear

As a photographer, you should dress like a professional. However, you are not bound to any particular attire. To keep a professional approach, you should be aware of the dress etiquette for wedding photographers. Always clarify with your clients whether it’s a formal or informal wedding, what cultural and religious aspects are, and dress accordingly. However, you should always dress practically and like a professional.

In this article, we will share ideas for wedding photographer outfits for both male and female photographers. But first, let us help you with some tips regarding the wedding photographer’s dress etiquette.

Why is it important to Dress like a Professional?

Every wedding photographer wants to look like a professional. But, unless you don’t dress like a professional, you won’t feel like a professional and will lack confidence, which can hamper your work. On the other hand, on wedding occasions, there are a lot of potential clients around, and being dressed unprofessionally will not leave a good impression on them. Let us help you with some tips:

Consult the Bride and Groom

It’s always good to clarify things with your clients beforehand, like;

  • Time of ceremony
  • Photography style
  • Dress code
  • Religious and cultural requirements
  • Any specific colour to be avoided (e.g., white in some cultures symbolizes death), etc.

You is not a guest.

  • Don’t become a Christmas tree. As a photographer, you are supposed to blend in the background and not be the centre of attraction. You need to maintain your decency and elegance. Dark-coloured clothes are the right choice, rather than loud colours and fancy prints.

Look Smart

  • Looks matter, especially when you are a professional photographer. You won’t be in the wedding photographs, but the guests will notice a shabby girl or guy going around clicking pictures with their cameras. Don’t put your reputation at stake. Avoid shorts, types of denim, or something too casual. Instead, you can wear comfortable trousers and a shirt that will make you look elegant. Be neat and iron everything!

Keep your feet comfortable.

  • Buy quality and comfortable shoes. You never know where to step to capture the perfect shot. It’s essential to your attire, as you will be on your feet the entire day. A cheap and squeaky pair of shoes will spoil special moments and your reputation. A pair of round-toed, ballet, or dark ankle shoes are ideal.


  • Being well-dressed is part of professionalism. Avoid short skirts, tight-fitting clothes, low-cut tops, and heavy makeup. Remember, you are not here to attract attention. Your job demands you to be in uncomfortable positions to capture the perfect shot. Your clothes should be functional so you can move around freely, and ensure your hair is combed or tied neatly. Impress people with your work and not looks.

Now let’s have a look at some outfit ideas for female and male photographers.

Wedding Photography Outfit – Men

For male photographers, we recommend they wear comfortable trousers or slacks with a formal shirt. Since you will have to sit, stand and move around with your photography equipment. Regarding formal weddings, you should wear a jacket, a button-up shirt, a tie and dress pants.

Don’t wear t-shirts, shorts, or baggy clothing when shooting a wedding. Well-fitting clothes will help you to look like a professional. Give more preference to darker colours. Pair it with good quality and comfortable shoes, as there will be much moving around. Comb or neatly tie your hair.

Wedding Photography Outfit – Women

As a woman, it’s good to be creative with your clothing and show your style. Make sure that you will be able to move freely when shooting. Make sure, like men, you give preference to dark colours. It would be best not to overshadow the bride and groom or attract the guests’ attention. Remember, you are not here to impress people. You can wear a dark-coloured one-piece paired with black slacks and comfortable shoes. If you have long hair, tie them neatly so you are not distracted or irritated by them.