Wedding Photography Packages – Things to Keep in Mind

A wedding is the most special occasion in a person’s life, cherished for a lifetime. Many things make the wedding an exuberant and memorable experience, and photography plays a major role, as photos remain with you throughout your life. But, many people are in a dilemma when looking for wedding photography packages. 

Today we will discuss a few points on what you should look for or include in wedding photographer packages, especially when you are looking for an esteemed photographer for your wedding.

How Much Time Will Wedding Photographer Spend?

You obviously want all special moments covered along with all ceremonies and functions, so you need to know how many hours of service the photographer provides. Usually, 6-8 hours is the length of service provided; however, you can ask them to extend the hours as per your needs, which will cost you more, but at least you will have it all.

Will the photographer cover the pre-wedding shoot?

Nowadays, there are wedding photography trends to have a pre-wedding shoot included in photography packages; it helps the photographer to know the couple beforehand, and some couples prefer a pre-wedding shoot. But do get it cleared with the photographer whether it is included in the package or you need to pay extra.

How many photographs will the photographer provide?

Different photographers have different packages. For instance, wedding photographers have different packages as compared to New York.

According to your budget, you select a package. Each package will have a certain number of photographs provided, but it is quite possible that during celebrations, you might go overboard and request a few extra clicks, which will come with extra cost.

A Second Photographer

One can’t capture all the precious moments of your wedding celebration in photography and videography simultaneously, especially when emotions flood in different locations simultaneously; it is always a good idea to have a second photographer or an assistant available so that everything gets covered. However, it would be best if you coughed up some extra bucks, so plan.

Equipment being used 

When discussing the package, also know about the equipment and cameras that will be used on that day, even if you don’t know about photography. You can get help from a friend who knows the subject or researches it online and checks the wedding photographers’ reviews. Also, enquire about backup equipment if the camera fails so you are not left in a muddle.

Products included in the package

The photographers have a wide range of products in their packages to offer. You need to make sure the package has what you want. It depends on choices like; Do you want a coffee table style book? Or printed photos displayed in a mounted album, or would you like a parent or guest books to give as gifts? And what type of edges or covers do you want on your albums? Pay attention to the details.

Some of them would also provide you with DVDs containing videos and slideshow of the photographs and includes images in digital formats so that you can have additional prints as you wish.

Post-production Services

In case, after receiving the products, the image quality is bad or distorted in some places, or if you want to add/remove some special effects, etc., will this post-production service be included in the package, or do you need to shell extra is something you should get cleared with the photographer before hiring him.

Wedding Photography Price

After all the hard work, everything boils down to the wedding photography cost. Honestly, it depends on what you want and whether the offer fits your budget, after all, you have to look after other arrangements as well. But after all, the only thing left with you to cherish these memorable moments for a lifetime will be photographs. So if your pocket allows, spending a little extra for quality photographs would be a good choice.

We hope these points will be useful in your search for the perfect wedding photography packages.